Analyzing my email inbox

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In the past year, I’ve grown more mindful of the information I consume. Nowadays I largely skip news and social media. Opting instead for books, long form essays/podcasts, and blog articles from inspiring people.

Even with awareness, I still feel information overload and analysis paralysis lurking around the corner. It can be a challenge to keep up with the things that do end up in my inbox and read/listen/watch lists.

What has been vital to me is shifting from relying on information feeds to focussing on my own questions. This has been helpful in filtering out the valuable bits and giving me agency to research.


I do still see the value of an information feed in providing curation and serendipity to all you don’t know. Therefore, in this project, I want to dive into and clean up one of the feeds that’s been most pressing to me: My email inbox.

Using data analysis on my received emails I want to find out:




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