What healthy means to me


With the years, it’s become clear to me that health lies at the base of wellbeing and happiness. Without it, it becomes increasingly difficult to fully experience and enjoy all there is around you.


Life is complex and dynamic. Being healthy isn’t only based on the things you’re doing in the present, but the result of your systems and ongoing efforts even more so. What you do now will influence your future.

I see that health has many dimensions and mysteries. Intricacies that may even be unique to you in this moment in time. Many lifetimes of research are not going to cut it. However, we can keep learning, stay curious and implement the insights we’ve found so far.

The question that rises in me is:

What are the habits and systems I should prioritize to live a long and healthy life?

I believe there is much we can do to improve our outlook on longevity. There is low-hanging fruit we can harvest. And many of these habits can already positively affect our present-day lives, giving joy and meaning. The long term effects then become a well-earned bonus.


A topic this big has to be broken up in smaller pieces. A couple of first steps to undertake and other things to keep in mind to flesh this out:



Last update: 15 January 2023

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